Sushiryori Inose – open finally

I was smarter this time. On Monday evening, when I got to the hotel, I asked the nice ladies at the club lounge if they could call to make a reservation for me. They did. I was reminded about “ok cash?”. Sure. I walked back from Roppongi all the way to my hotel and stopped in a “Family Mart” (depanneurs) and bought myself a salad and seafood box, just in case it was not going to work out. It is still in the fridge.

What a nice evening. First off the bar sits 10 people – this is a small, mom & pop shop. There is a tatami room in the back which was used by 5 businessmen for their own private thing. Sushiryori is run by an elderly couple, the sushi chef and his wife. She was trying to make conversation with me but we had trouble communicating. But when I said sake, she knew to ask “hot or cold”. Hot please. Domo arigatou.

I was sitting beside this elderly couple from Ireland who were finishing their 20-day trip throughout Japan with 2 days in Tokyo. Easily in their 70’s, ipad-equipped, and world-travelled, we had great conversation. Their most memorable trip? Syria! Before Crazy Assad went all genocidal of course. They had diplomatic jobs for sure before they retired.

Beside them were three Japanese ladies (family outing) and after them, two Japanese workers (they had overalls). Sake blurred the lines (it always does) and soon it seemed like they all came together from the get go, the wife of the chef included! It got loud and fun. We sang songs for pete’s sake!!! One of the workers even came to refill my glass from his own sake bottle. It took 45 minutes for the wife to bring us our bill after our meal was clearly finished (she was occupied after all), but hey, I was on vacation beside some really nice people – I was continuing my smart streak and knew this was one of the moments I would remember from my vacation. No rush.

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